Outdoor Living Spaces

Florida Living means outdoor living. One can only truly experience and enjoy our tropical paradise by getting out in it. However, this does not mean roughing it. Expertly designed outdoor living areas allow us to have the best of both worlds, combining the exquisite beauty of natural Florida with the height of luxury designed to complement your lifestyle choices and endure the conditions to provide years of carefree enjoyment. Often the most neglected and overlooked area of the home, backyards and patios have the most potential for adding value to your Southwest Florida luxury home.

 While your indoor kitchen acts as a hub for small, intimate dinner parties, outdoor kitchens have become the social hub for entertaining on a larger scale or for neighborhood BBQ’s.  Stainless Steel grills, under counter beverage and wine coolers, wood burning pizza ovens, and food preparation stations are just some of the options you can add to create your very own paradise.

Waterfalls, lighting, sound systems and even televisions turn a standard pool into a luxury resort, rivalling some of the top destinations in the world. Design and build the perfect space to entertain guests or enjoy a private respite. Your only limit is your imagination with a GM Construction luxury home.

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