Signs of a Quality Builder
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By GM Construction LLC
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You’ve decided to build your dream home or make your next renovation, which means you’re about to embark on a rewarding but challenging journey. Depending on the home builder you select, the journey could become more challenging than it needs to be.


In order to ensure you’re an informed homebuyer, we’ve put together a list of 10 signs to look for on your search for a quality home builder.


1. They are Busy

Should you meet with a builder who has no work and can start immediately, ask yourself… why?. There may be reasons. Good builders will have good reputations and clients who are waiting for them to begin projects.


2. They Have History – And it’s Good

Before signing on any dotted lines, do some research on a few home builders in your area to get a feel for their history. How long have they been in business? How are their finances? Do they perform the job with quality craftsmanship? Do they have references from satisfied, happy homeowners? Doing some research will ensure you don’t hire someone who lacks expertise or financial stability.


3. They Encourage Customization

Quality home builders understand that buyers want a variety of standard features in their new home as well as customized options. Whether it’s the overall floor plan, cabinetry or home technology, you shouldn’t feel you’re being forced to go with one option over another. Good builders also offer quick move-in ready options and to-be-built options, giving you choices that fit in with your moving timeline.


4. In House Craftsman

Quality home builder demands quality and one of the best ways to achieve quality is having in house quality carpenter and craftsman. One of the biggest benefits of building a completely new home or renovation is having quality craftsmen and carpenters in house.


5. They Stand Behind Their Work

Quality builders stand behind their work and are available for the long run. They offer a substantial warranty and post-closing services as well. Ask if the home builder has a van with tools and materials to service your needs after you move in.


6. They Show Up On Time

If a builder can’t manage to show up on time for your initial appointment, what makes you think they will start the project on time or deliver it on or before deadline? The most basic measure of their time management skills is whether or not they are punctual. If they run late, take this as a big warning sign and keep looking.


7. They Answer Your Calls

The first time you call a builder they will, if at all possible, answer your call and be very courteous. Any professional will do this in order to get your business. The real test is whether they answer follow up calls. Do they return your call promptly when you leave a message? This will be a huge indicator of the kind of communication you can expect once the job is underway.


8. They’re Honest with You

When you’re dreaming up your dream house, it’s easy to get carried away and have unrealistic expectations. This is when you need your builder to tell it to you straight, in a nice way of course. If your budget is not going to cover the changes or your timeframe is not realistic, you need to know the truth upfront. Some builders will tell you whatever you want to hear and just say “sure” to get the job. But then of course down the road there will be issues and upsets. At your very first meeting, tell the prospective builder your vision, budget and deadline. If they say yes to everything they are either very inexperienced or lying through their teeth.


9. They Have Ideas

Following blueprints is easy, being able to think on the spot to solve a problem is an asset. You want a builder who can think outside of the box and has ideas and practical advice. Building your own home can be a wonderful experience as long as you choose a quality builder who will help make the project go as smoothly as possible.


10. Job Site

How clean is the builder’s job site? A messy, cluttered, and unsafe job site can be a sign of a lack of attention to detail. A reputable builder will keep a clean job site to minimize waste, create a safe work environment, and respect the neighbors.  


Lastly, look at the builder's car or truck. Is it clean and the interior uncluttered? How a builder's maintains his personal vehicle shows if he is efficient and organized.


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