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By GM Construction LLC
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We at GM Construction LLC believe in a nontraditional approach of setting a zero punch list expectation at the end of a project.

First up, if you don’t believe a zero punch list approach is possible, how can you build a quality new home or complete a quality renovation?

It’s a great strategy for aligning our project team to collectively work towards higher quality each day.  We do not allow sub-standard work to sit until the end of the project, we fix it right away.

We might not achieve the elusive zero punch-list, but trying for it from the start of the project gets us much closer to zero and a higher quality project.

Our strategy places our focus on building error-free with the first installation, then protecting the work from subsequent damage.

Setting clear expectations from day one with our team of subcontractors, engineers, architects and craftsman is the key to better execution. Conducting daily inspections, maintaining consistent documentation and clearly communicating schedules and what actions need to be taken helps us work towards our goal of zero punch-list items.

An important consensus among our team members is, "To achieve a zero or almost-zero punch project, there can be no excuses – either the work is done right or it’s not done".

Striving for a zero defect punch-list, is one of our promises of high quality workmanship.

When interviewing a potential home builder or contractor for you next new home or renovation project, ask about their strategy for zero punch-list items.