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Home Addition Project
Home Addition Project

If you are interested in completing a home addition project, there are a number of places where you can look for inspiration. Many have goals, a budget and even a few clippings of what they hope their home is going to look like upon completion. In the event you are ready to start adding on to your home, there are a few key questions you need to ask the home addition contractor first.How would you design a new home being built?It isn’t always easy to see past the things that you have in front of you. You need to look beyond what’s there right now and envision what things would be like in the event that you were constructing your home from the ground up. In doing so, you can ...

Must Have Kitchen Remodel
Home Addition Project

Don't worry, it's a GM Construction LLC project. This newly completed kitchen remodel turned out stunning. Note the wood finish cabinets with raised panel doors and how the island accents the kitchen with the designer lighting.We replaced the kitchen flooring to match.What a great project!  

Signs of a Quality Builder
Home Addition Project

You’ve decided to build your dream home or make your next renovation, which means you’re about to embark on a rewarding but challenging journey. Depending on the home builder you select, the journey could become more challenging than it needs to be. In order to ensure you’re an informed homebuyer, we’ve put together a list of 10 signs to look for on your search for a quality home builder. 1. They are BusyShould you meet with a builder who has no work and can start immediately, ask yourself… why?. There may be reasons. Good builders will have good reputations and clients who are waiting for them to begin projects. 2. They Have History – And ...

Must Have Design Features
Home Addition Project

 Kitchens that impress. When working on the design changes for a new kitchen or home remodel, kitchens will always be the center of the house. You can’t make an island too big. Many homeowners sit at the island to watch TV, use a laptop/ tablet or just plain lodge. Double islands and drop-down islands that become a table are also popular options. Laundry connections. Stackable washer and dryers in an upstairs bathroom or off or near the master suite is where homeowners want a second laundry. The importance of the laundry space could be the kitchen of the future. New technology. The latest homes are adding or replacing traditional wall outlets with USB outlets and ...

Home Addition Project

We at GM Construction LLC believe in a nontraditional approach of setting a zero punch list expectation at the end of a project.First up, if you don’t believe a zero punch list approach is possible, how can you build a quality new home or complete a quality renovation?It’s a great strategy for aligning our project team to collectively work towards higher quality each day.  We do not allow sub-standard work to sit until the end of the project, we fix it right away.We might not achieve the elusive zero punch-list, but trying for it from the start of the project gets us much closer to zero and a higher quality project.Our strategy places our focus on building ...